WhatsApp to soon Introduce AI – Ask Meta AI

We are living in a world where AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become an important part of our lives. Today we can depend on Artificial Intelligence for almost everything. From writing texts to making presentations, this tool introduced by the Meta company can do anything just like a human mind. With the presence of AI in our lives, we have started living more freely and without any worries. It can perform almost every task like a human being

We’re living in a time, where almost every work is performed by Artificial Intelligence and we definitely cannot resist its use. Many apps including Google, Snapchat and others are now using artificial intelligence to enhance the user quality and experience.

Now that AI has become such an important part of our lives, WhatsApp has released a notification regarding the introduction of AI technology in its application. This feature of WhatsApp is still under development but soon all the uses of WhatsApp will be able to access it and make its best use for their comfort.

How and where will this work?

This feature of the WhatsApp would be called the Ask Meta AI. This update by WhatsApp was spotted in the latest Android Beta update (version by WABetaInfo. Now users will not have to search for AI technology in any Meta App, they can just click on the search bar of the WhatsApp to access its use. This technology will help the users of WhatsApp in getting all the knowledge they want simply by clicking an option on the WhatsApp. This option will be available on the top bar of the WhatsApp on the search button.

Improved Interaction:

This meta AI feature aims at improving the interaction between the users of the information and the AI technology. Now users can interact with the AI directly by searching on the search bar and not by locating it’s chat in their WhatsApp chatbox. This will not only enhance the user experience but also save a lot of time and energy. People now will not have to look for any other app to access the AI Technology but they can just access it by clicking on the search option of the WhatsApp and typing whatsoever come to their mind. Every information will be provided to the users from the WhatsApp only.

Progress in the voicenote transcription feature:

WhatsApp is not just following trends by adopting the AI Technology but it is also trying it’s best to provide the best user experience to its users. It focuses on their comfort and always tries to provide them as much access to the latest features as it can.

This feature would enable the users to get their voice messages converted into a written text. It will now be easier for the users to type anything by just pressing the mike option and speaking it out and it will all be get typed automatically.

User privacy in the transcription feature:

Now that users are going to use a completely new feature which they are not aware of, they will definitely have  security concerns. Users are generally worried about the voice message that will be converted into the text may harm their privacy and can leak their confidential information to the unauthorised users. WhatsApp has made sure that just like their messages the voice notes that you will be dropping onto the app will stay end to end encrypted. Users can now use this feature once it is enabled by the WhatsApp algorithm. Not only the voice notes will stay safe and secure but also it will enable an option to convert old voice notes into completely new text messages that will be instantly dropped to the person you want to chat with. This will increase the quality and experience of the people using whatsapp


In this fast running world of trends and technologies every app and every company is tring to update its quality and the service that it provides to its customers. WhatsApp has officially made this decision of launching the Meta AI Technology in its algorithm and users will soon be able to access it. Also it claims thay its way of introducing the AI Technology in its application will completely be user friendly and will match all the safety concerns of its users.

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